“We are called to be the church . . . to celebrate God’s presence. “ — “A New Creed”

As a church, we worship together to celebrate the presence of what we name as God among us. We each bring our own beliefs, our own convictions. In the lessons of scripture we listen to, in the songs we sing together, in the prayers we pray, and in the rituals we perform, we remind ourselves that whoever we are and whatever we are going through, we are not alone.

Sunday Morning              Sanctuary

10:00 AM, doors open at 9:30.

Sunday morning worship is a time for praise and reflection. There are hymns we sing, prayers of confession and of healing, prayers for the world, readings from scripture, and a message preached based on those readings.

Once a month, and on high holidays (Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost), we celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion. Sacraments are rituals which we believe are a means of experiencing God’s grace. In the United Church, the two sacraments are Holy Communion and Holy Baptism. Communion is a ritual whereby we take bread and fruit of the vine (in the United Church, grape juice and not wine) and symbolically name them as the body and blood of Christ, in remembrance of his death and celebration of his resurrection.

Revelstoke United Church has a policy of open table, meaning that you are welcome without condition or reservation to participate in the sacrament of Holy Communion. There are no barriers between God and God’s people. You do not need to be perfect; what you must be is spiritually hungry.

What to expect: A relaxed atmosphere where everyone is welcome. Morning worship is about an hour. There is a printed order of service you can follow along with. You may participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable. We sing our songs from a hymn book located in each pew, and there are Bibles as well for you to follow along with the readings if you wish.

After the service you are welcome to join us for a time for refreshments (coffee, tea, juice, and baked goods).