Spring Presbytery Report

Spring Presbytery  February 15-17, 2013

The focus of this Presbytery gathering was “Living Into Right Relationships With Our Aboriginal Neighbours”. We were given a Native Welcome and then Marion Best and Kathy Hogman introduced the focus sessions with their stories of participation in the Truth and Reconciliation activities in Port Alberni.  The DVD “Fallen Feather” was shown and we were

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Reconciliation Canada

Reconciliation Canada
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The United Church of Canada is a participant in the Truth & Reconciliation process, dealing with the healing needed from the First Nations as a result of residential schools. Download Reconciliation Canada.

At the recent meeting of Okanagan Presbytery, Marion Best, one of our former Moderators, gave a powerful presentation on her involvement in this issue. You can read Marion’s remarks on the Presbytery website.


Bill C- 398

For Immediate Release Monday, November 19, 2012


Geographic Boundaries Should Not Be a Barrier to Saving Lives


Toronto: “Everyone deserves access to life-saving medicines, no matter where they live,” says The United Church of Canada’s Moderator, the Right Rev. Gary Paterson.

Paterson made his comments in support of a campaign to urge members of the House of Commons to approve second reading of Bill C-398.

He says the bill is an important piece of humanitarian legislation to reform Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime (CAMR). If passed through the House of Commons and the Senate, it has the potential to save millions of lives by helping to get medicines to patients in developing countries for public health needs, including HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, and other epidemic diseases.

“This bill will enable lower-cost, generic medicines to reach people in developing countries more efficiently and effectively,” says Paterson. “Geographic boundaries should not be a barrier to saving lives.”

The vote on Bill C-398 is scheduled for November 28. If there are not enough votes to carry this bill forward, the bill will die that day.

Paterson is asking United Church members and adherents to take action in advance of World AIDS Day (December 1) to ensure the bill is approved.

“I am urging United Church people to act now so that God’s desire that ‘all might have fullness of life’ will become a reality for the many people living with HIV and AIDS who cannot afford patented drugs,” says Paterson.

For information on what you can do, visit the United Church’s website.



For further information:

Mary-Frances Denis

The United Church of Canada

416-231-7680 ext. 2016


Loan Cupboard

Are you interested in food preservation but don’t have a canner or dehydrator?  We can help you out!  Our loan cupboard has canners and dehydrators for you to use. Call  250-837-3198 or come into the church office to sign them out.  This equipment was part of the Garden Guru series hosted by the Community Garden and the North Columbia Environmental Society

A Good Friday Poem from Antoinette Halberstadt

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As part of our Good Friday service, we were given the gift of an audio recording by Antoinette Halberstadt of her reading her poem titled “Stigmata,” a meditation on the death of Steve Biko, one of the leaders of the anti-Apartheid movement in South Africa:

“Stigmata” came to me in a whoosh after percolating for almost 9 years following what might be called a religious experience towards Easter time.  It’s about my experience during a choir practise in Parksville BC in 1978, five months after Apartheid South Africa deliberately killed Bantu Steve Biko – the truly inspired and inspiring leader of the Black Consciousness Movement – whom I and so very many people loved.

I’m posting “Stigmata” here this Easter Sunday, 2010, after attending the Revelstoke United Church Easter celebration, wondering if the various writers of the various parts of the Bible meant to say — rather than “Jesus died for the sins of the world” or “for our sins”, that Jesus was killed because of the sins of the world:  Injustice, racism, hatred, violence, abuse, lovelessness.   And, of course, that Spirit and Light triumphed.

The following poem, written in 1986 in Winlaw British Columbia Canada, is about all that and also about a typically cheeky resurrection.

Click here to download the mp3 file. You can read the text of the poem and some background by clicking here.

Employment Opportunity: Musical Accompanist

Revelstoke United Church is in search of a skilled musician to enrich our community on Sundays and in regular congregational life. Sacred music is an integral element of Christian worship and, as such, we’re in search of the right person with the gifts and talents to move forward with us as a congregation.

Duties include:

  • Playing the organ and/or piano on Sundays from 9:45–11:15 a.m.
  • Accompanying choir at practice
  • Playing at weddings, funerals if available (additional pay for this)

Payment is a modest honorarium.

The applicant must be reliable, motivated, flexible and have strong interpersonal skills. Wage is negotiable depending on skills and experience. Other musical instruments may be considered. All persons are welcome to apply, regardless of affiliation.

If this interests you please contact us at 250-837-3198 or by email at revelstokeuc@telus.net.