The Downtown Community Garden

The garden being built and first planting, June 2010.

The Revelstoke Downtown Community Garden - a partnership between the North Columbia Environmental Society, Revelstoke United Church and the Columbia Basin Trust.

In May of 2010 the Revelstoke United Church proudly partnered with the North Columbia Environmental Society to create Revelstoke's Downtown Community Garden (DCG). Through a lot of hard work, donated time and money, shared knowledge and resources, and additional funding gratefully acknowledged from the Columbia Basin Trust, the DCG began as an affirmation of the principles of community involvement, teaching, and social justice. It is also an effort to model principles of sustainability, conservation and an awareness of issues regarding human health and wellness.

Food from the garden is grown by individual plot holders for their consumption as well as the local food bank and church soup kitchen—all done without the use of damaging chemical pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers. In addition to growing food, the site will host workshops in composting, seed saving, square foot gardening techniques, soil health, and food preservation.



Apply for a Plot

Applications can be picked up and dropped off by April 25th at Mountain Goodness Natural Foods and Valhalla Pure. Apply now for a chance to lease a 12 square foot personal plot and share abundant communal growing space at the downtown community garden! A place to learn, grow amazing food and connect. The annual fee for garden membership is $30 with $10 being refunded at the end of the season for assistance with plot clean-up. The fees will be collected at the orientation for community gardeners on Thursday May 5th. Due to limited space, we may not be able to accommodate all applications and a wait-list may be established.

Click here to download the plot application form.



Workshops are occasionally held on sustainable food and growing, organized by the NCES.

Contact for more information.