Our Beliefs

We believe in God: who has created and is creating . . . – “A New Creed”



For an overview of the beliefs of the United Church of Canada, please have a look at our Statements of Faith. Each is a product of its time and while some may seem intimidating in their language, each points to the faith that is at the heart of our religion and spirituality.

Revelstoke United Church stands in the tradition of mainline, progressive Protestant Christianity. We affirm God as all-loving, who created heaven and earth and everything in the universe and said, “It is very good.” We believe that human judgement, discrimination, and hatred are antithetical to the teachings of Jesus, who came to reconcile a broken humanity with God. Therefore, we hold no barriers for entry. You are welcome no matter who you are.

We welcome a diverse range of beliefs in our congregation. Whether you consider yourself a firm lifelong believer, a questioner who is not sure what they believe, or even a skeptic, you are welcome to bring your faith, your questions, and your doubts. Whether you believe the stories we tell are fact or just stories, we hope you will come hoping to explore the truth that is within them regardless. The language of the worship service may strike some as too stuffy and conservative and others as too free and liberal, but regardless you are welcome no matter where on the spectrum you fall.