The “Buy a Year” Campaign

As we have presented in church over the past few weeks and as many of you know, the church is facing a budget deficit of $23,000 for this year to cover only basic operating expenses. As such, we have launched the "Buy a Year Campaign," to raise enough funds to take us to next year without having to further deplete our reserve funds. If you have not already received your package from one of our Weavers, or you are just a visitor, take a moment to view these presentation slides and consider a donation to help the church continue to do the work we do in the community.


This is difficult news, not only for the church, but if we believe in the church's mission, religious or not, to continue that mission we will need to be sustainable. To donate, you can bring you donation in an envelope to the office specifically marked "Buy a Year," or you can visit the donate page and write "Buy a Year" in the message box.


God Bless.